Soft Vanilla Caramels *Iridescent Bag*

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Soft Vanilla Caramels packaged in a Gorgeous Iridescent Bag. 

These rich, decadent caramels practically melt in your mouth and will not stick to your teeth. They are Perfect For Any Occasion and will quickly become a favorite among your friends and family.

The 4 oz bag contains approximately 6 caramels and the 8 oz bag contains approximately 12 caramels. The caramels are individually wrapped in an iridescent cellophane candy wrapper. 

INGREDIENTS USED ARE: Sugar, Corn Syrup, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Whole Milk, Heavy Cream, Salted Butter, Vanilla Extract.

*************************ALLERGY WARNING*************************

Contains: MILK

Made In a Facility And On Shared Equipment With Foods Containing: PEANUTS