My Caramel Obsession

I have been Obsessed with Caramels for as long as I can remember! When I was a kid, my paternal grandmother would send us a box of caramels every year at Christmastime. I'm not talking about the hard, waxy caramels they sell at the grocery store. These were different than anything I had ever had... So Soft, So Rich, So Amazing! I would search for caramels during the rest of the year, and literally bought every caramel I found, but nothing ever compared to the "Christmas Caramels".

It wasn't until I was 21, that I realized I could make caramels myself at home. I don't know why it had never occurred to me before then. I have always loved baking. I set out to find a recipe that was as good as the caramels from my childhood and I succeeded. My recipe is as good as, if not better than the caramels I remember. I have been making them for my friends and family ever since.

They are truly a labor of love. Each batch takes 2 hours to make- even longer if I am dipping them in chocolate- and about 30 minutes to wrap. It is worth the effort though when I see the look on peoples' faces when they try one for the first time!

My husband never liked caramels until he tried these. So, if you think you don't like caramels, Try Some Of Mine. They will change your mind! In my 19 years of making these, I have Never had Anyone say they didn't like them!