About Me

My name is Rachel Reed-Dalhover and I am the Owner/Confectioner at Scintillating Sweets. I have a passion for All Things Sweet and I love sharing my creations with others. I think food gifts are the Best Thing Ever and they are always appropriate for any occasion. I hope my candy will bring joy to you and your family and friends the way they have brought joy to mine. 

I learned how to make peanut brittle from my mom and taught myself how to make caramels. I am a purist when it comes to my candy...You won't find me making any unusual flavors or following any of the latest diet trends. NOPE. My treats are full of fat, full of dairy, and full of sugar- because That Shit Is Delicious!

I decided to start my own business because I was extremely unhappy at my previous job. I felt a little piece of my soul dying inside every time I went to work. It started to affect my physical and mental health and so I left- to pursue my dream of owning my own candy company. I am incredibly lucky I have the most amazing husband in the world! He has supported and encouraged me throughout the entire process and I couldn't have done it without him. I also couldn't support my dream without all of you, my loyal customers, so thank you, I will forever be grateful! XO


This is where the magic happens...